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HOLE was born from necessity

As underrepresented artists, it’s impossible to ignore the lack of support from the hierarchal structures within the creative fields. Tokenism, blind ignorance, and the exploitative nature of our current systems all feel like standard practices that plague the crafts to which we’ve dedicated our livelihoods. Instead of waiting for empty promises to be fulfilled, we’ve decided to band together and lead by example.

HOLE is a cultural movement. We are pushing back against the norms that have been forced upon us. We are the Web3 destination for all underrepresented folx and respectful allies looking for refuge from the systemic restraints that were designed to hinder us. We provide access and resources that uplift and enable artists to explore unrealized talents, promote their work through peers, and find support within a like-minded community. We are here to see one another succeed.

We are the diverse voices that our industries have claimed were so hard to find.

We are an expanse of extraordinary people: artists of different mediums, coders, designers, writers, and musicians. We are amorphous in our creative pursuits and united in our voyage toward new virtual universes that will elevate us all. We are borderless and uphold cultural fluency; we work between mediums to see what new forms might emerge; we are your operators to the portal of another dimension.

(You can follow our journey here)

We are a creator DAO

At its core, HOLE is a Creator DAO: a diverse creative incubator and talent network powering an omniverse of realities. We have built a global network with agency resources to help artists and clients promote their projects with trained professionals on hand. Our tokens will govern our treasury and allow for opportunities to access and grow within the HOLE community. We support existing creators and onboard new ones by releasing art, music, and videos as NFTs with perks. We will use our treasury to help fund creators’ projects voted on by the community, produce rewards and cultural events, pay expenses for network facilitators, and to increase the community and patrons’ value overall. Prospective members may earn their way to membership through purchasing NFTs or submitting an application to join. Supporters are rewarded as the artist grows and expands their Web3 network. This generates a sustainable community with space for all.

As a creator-first network, we consider ourselves a first-of-its-kind, creative agency versed in web3 for brands who are ready to step into the new age. Our ever-growing talent network can assemble to answer any client’s ambitions. The synergy of individual and collective pursuit strengthens our ability to adapt rapidly, challenging the structure of an entrenched industry. This allows for more freedom, less hierarchy, and more truths to be spoken. As Web3 navigators, we are the best partners to have in your corner. We can teach you how to properly engage and build meaningful connections with fellow DAOs, NFT artists, and the web3 ecosystem.



To some, this is an overused buzzword. To us, this is an active verb — the practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded. We are building a space where fair representation is our top priority. It’s not an after-thought. With the support of our treasury and global community, we organize to provide financial support and the resources needed as we empower our members to pursue their passions. No matter your background, education, or access to generational wealth — you belong here.


Artist collectives have existed for centuries but have all faced the same conundrum: geographic restrictions. The borderless universe HOLE inhabits allows for unprecedented global collaborative opportunities. By prioritizing the needs of the group, we are better prepared to address the needs of our individual creators, allowing for their experimentation and self-discovery. Collectivism bridges us together so we have the full thrust of the organization behind a fellow community member’s project. The synergy of individual and collective pursuit strengthens our ability to adapt rapidly, challenging the structure of an entrenched industry. This allows for more freedom, less hierarchy, and more truths to be spoken.


As a DAO, HOLE is a self-monitored community. Above all, we value respectful conduct, a positive ethos, and constructive dialogue. We are in this for the long-run and consider our community to be our family. Empower one another and we all reap the benefits.

Knowledge Sharing:

HOLE grants members an unrivaled trove of Web3 resources, mentorship, collaboration opportunities, and networking. Engage with our community to increase fluency in your medium of choice, or delve into multidisciplinary exploration. Perhaps you’ll find a way of expressing your work that you hadn’t imagined before. Team with others to see the dawn of your most expansive creative ambitions.


Our network is composed of four nodes: marketplace, talent representation, client services, and our online publication, The Portal. We have a web of resources readily available for clients and creators.

Talent Representation: HOLE is a vast pool of membership-based creatives of every type. If a vision can be imagined, it can be found here. The capabilities of our DAO are ever-expanding as we bring new artists into our community. We are here to support first-time NFT creators and can educate our artists regarding the ins and outs of this new venture into Web3. Those in our network are showcased on our digital publication and hand-selected for clients’ projects. As our treasury develops, we will be able to review artist project proposals, voted on by the HOLE community.

Client Services: HOLE has full-service agency capabilities to service the new phase of the internet and its prospective builders. We will be able to provide clients and patrons with an array of talent from our network. While traditional agencies have hierarchical structures that can lead to ego-driven decisions instead of the right decision, HOLE’s collectivist nature allows for honest and meaningful decision-making and engaging client collaboration. HOLE is fully outfitted with a catalogue of skills encompassing branding, illustration, experiential design, coding, content creation, to name a few. We can help establish your brand, produce your merchandise, develop an online presence, and build meaningful relationships in the new phase of the internet: Web3.

Portal magazine: An online publication that focuses on generating substantial conversation with artists of all mediums from around the globe; a space for artists to unfurl the thinking and feeling that fuels their work; a place to visit for a cosmic wellspring of creative inspiration.

🚧Marketplace🚧 : Our current marketplace features different creators from our community as well as collaborative internal projects and will soon be under construction. Our future marketplace will be focused on phygital releases and will accept both crypto and fiat currencies. This is where collectors can see artists in our network and follow their individual careers and check out HOLE network-built collaborative projects. Collectors can stay updated on NFT drops and redeem rewards (eg. events, merchandise drops, access to future drops) from NFT capsules they bought into, in addition to being able to purchase phygital art and physical art sourced directly from HOLE’s community.

We are the generation who bloomed from the deep spaces of the internet age. In isolation, without direction, we taught ourselves to develop a life in the virtual realm. We learned that we could be anything, but later we saw how this perceived autonomy wore thin as our experience of the internet became an entrenched industry. We’ve arrived at the threshold of our passionate escape (thank you Web3 ❤). A future rooted in collaborative exploration lay on the other side. Now is our chance to become unbound and reborn together.



❤ Special thanks to Sage Kellyn for making us look awesome with this explosive pixel art ❤



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