JGAP: The Multi-Hyphenate Web3 Jungle Jockey

We have been massive JGAP fans since day one. JGAP is a graphic designer, 3D artist, and a killer DJ. JGAP AKA Jokersgotaposse is the ideal community-minded multi-hyphenate. He is the founder of FLOPPY and Raverz, two underground web3 projects, and he coordinates the Earthsteppers rave on the West Coast. JGAP has always been a visual and auditory explorer, diligently building a world where the sounds and visuals he creates collide.

Interview by Melanie Maynard, edited by Naomi Falk and Claudia Yile

​​Melanie Maynard: First and foremost, where are you from? And how has your life led you to such deep visual and auditory exploration? Are you self-taught?

JGAP: I’m from Texas but live in Olympia, Washington, and have been here since 2005 (haha, long time.) All I’ve cared about my entire adolescence and adult life (beyond faith, family, and football, of course) has been music! I’m a deep listener and I’d say that’s what’s truly led me down this dark path. I had piano lessons as a child for a couple of years, which I really didn’t like, and went to Evergreen State College and studied audio engineering… that being said, I think most of my learning has been self-taught, haha, but the foundation certainly helped.

MM: What were you doing before Web3? Have you been able to sustain a living from your work within Web3?

JGAP: I did — and still do — run a short-run vinyl label called Jokers Got A Posse (JGAP)…. and outside of THAT, I was a bartender and basically 100 other jobs before that, I was mostly in the service industry and doing manual labor. Thank GOD for Web3!!!

MM: OK this leads me into FLOPPY. You’ve been building FLOPPY for a while. In a simple sentence, tell me what FLOPPY does. How are DJs going to be able to use it? Will it be for more than electronic, techno, jungle, etc.?

JGAP: FLOPPY allows users to make tracks and sell them right from their browser! DJs/producers/people can go into the program and make music with limitation to our special “FLOPPY sound” and hopefully get some sketches and ideas off their chest with a unique interface and sample set. It is in no way meant to replace Ableton, but to sort of offset the creative paralysis that can happen from 1,000,000 possibilities. We definitely plan on reaching outside of Jungle, and PROBABLY electronic music, but for the foreseeable future it will be of the electronic realm (sorry to all you rock people and metalheads :-P).

MM: At some point will DJs be able to mint their own stems? How do you see it growing collaboratively? Any key launch dates?

JGAP: Mmmmm maybe??? That remains to be seen. I really like the curation of the project, and hopefully, that will lead LEGENDARY acts to be a part of it. It’s our pay model to pay the sample artists hefty bags upfront, and we want to reserve that for now. We really want the project to grow collaboratively, primarily with its users/producers. I want a competitive drive to influence the culture of FLOPPY, with people enjoying and sharing each other’s created content. That would be the ideal.

We are doing a gated beta that started on July 18th! I’ll drop the Airtable in the Hole Discord so ya’ll can sign up if you are interested in being a part of trying it out and making a beat. FLOPPY’s main launch date is yet to be set, but we are feeling closer every day.

MM: Are you doing anything other than Web3-related projects? Are you still throwing that rave you used to throw? What was it called again? Are you still dropping gear?

JGAP: I’m still doing my label, producing music with my girlfriend under the moniker “Daisies,” and producing more jungle/rave under the moniker “Stereo Out.” The yearly rave is called EARTHSTEPPERS and I am not 100% on whether it will happen this year. We are exploring some options, though, as we would need a venue change. As for the clothes, I am always selling but have slowed down making, as I am too busy with this W3 nonsense (it pays way better, haha).

MM: Tell me more about Raverz? Super curious about that project and what the utility is, if there is some, once you mint a Raver.

JGAP: Raverz is mostly just an art project with a 3D world… we really want to use the club we built as a place we can host shows, but have been waiting on the Muse folks to build out their platform a little bit. If you mint Ecstasy it WILL have FLOPPY utility. :)

MM: Do you have your own currency? If so, tell us more about how you see it being utilized. Is it a reward system, can you eventually cash out, etc?

JGAP: We do! We have three tokens in the FLOPPY ecosystem, one of them being “WHITELABEL.” this is a 1155, so it’s the most like currency in our game. The user harvests “WHITELABEL” token by holding our “FLOPPY” token. If a user wants to mint the song they made on the platform, they must burn a “WHITELABEL” token. There are no plans to cash out, but we would love to make some sort of native swap API on the site to allow users to swap for sister projects’ tokens. HOLE token?!?!

MM: When we met, you were at Songcamp. We definitely had an affinity with each other‘s projects, and we worked together on the genesis capsule. Crazy how in six months you’ve come this far: two Web3 projects deep! How about your previous life, prior to the deep rabbit hole you find yourself in? What was that like, and how do you find this current work different?

JGAP: Well, I was on the computer A LOT before this, making art and all, but now it’s my job! I love being self-employed. It can be stressful ’cause you might not know where your next job is coming from, but I am a firm believer that if you are able to spend as much time as you can on what you do, then you will be awarded more time to do it.

MM: How would you explain your musical taste? Any dope tracks you’re currently vibing with? Have you been able to find your taste in Web3 or are you bridging it in?

JGAP: Haha, damn… I like everything besides country and rap. Whoever came up with that stuff… Really love reggae forever, really love Houston rap. I really love JUST about all types of music with select artists that scratch my itch. I do not like emo; I really can’t vibe with it, or with metalcore, or a lot of hardcore. I do like SOME really hard stuff, but I definitely don’t have to listen to like twenty albums of it… I can throw on Mayhem’s “Deathcrush” or Ministry once a year and I’m fine. I love John Cale and Lucinda Williams, and the Byrds, and John Lennon, etc.,etc., etc…

I’m really looking forward to bringing the style of music I love to the Web3 fam!

Are you still playing publicly? Still throwing events?

JGAP: Still playing publicly! You know this. STILL throwing events. I do not LOVE playing live, but I will do it… I’d much rather be writing/recording tracks.

MM: When you’re struggling in your project, and you experience some rough days where it’s hard to believe in yourself, how do you pull yourself out? Have you experienced one? What did you learn?

JGAP: Haha, O YES! MOST days. I just remember all the other times I’ve felt this way or failed and I just think, “Add it to the list,” because the goal is longevity, not success. I learned a long time ago not to measure my success against other people’s or feel any FOMO whatsoever for what others do or pull off in their own lives… I really feel like this is a plague on our generation and I want no part in it. If I can go exercise after working all day on some stuff, I can wash my mind free of the struggles and nagging of things I have to do, and be fresh to hit the pavement tomorrow.

MM: Okay, final HOT question: In an ideal world what does a HOLE X FLOPPY collaboration look like?!

JGAP: Hahah, you tell me! I’d love to have HOLE people actively using FLOPPY and making beats and sharing them! I’d love for other servers to do little competitions with each other, like a battle or something… an IRL rave wouldn’t be a terrible idea, either! Also, the ability to swap our tokens for each other’s would be sick. I really want that sort of thing to be commonplace.

Thanks for having me y’all! Hope to see you in the HOLE X FLOPPYVERSE soon enough :D


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